Ongoing Projects

Capacitation project supported by EZE

In all, 20 NGOs have been supported in this endeavour of which 12 continue as DPG partners in 2013. 229 villages fall under our target areas. We currently work in 11 districts with 12 NGOs & staff based NGO partners reaching out to about 42,296 target families through 3491 number of SHGs. The Districts we work in include Chennai, Thiruvallur, Nagapatinam, Ramanathapuram, Pudukottai, Tuticorin, Namakkal, Davengere, Chikbalapur, Chitradurga.


Activities under this project include : -


Self-Help Groups (SHGs) formation

Organizing women into SHGs is the key operational strategy deployed by DPG. They not only offer micro-credit but also serve as a forum for the women to learn new skills and enhance their confidence and support them to make decisions regarding their lives leading to social change. 

Apex Body Formation

These Community Based Organizations /Apex bodies are federations of SHGs and were established with the idea of providing training and micro finance support to SHGs once the parent NGOs withdraw. In all, there are 16 apex bodies or CBOs in existence. Micro-finance support to the tune of Rs.2,17,30,114 was given to target families through NGOs and CBOs towards efforts for economic & other development purposes.


Capacity Building & Empowerment

DPG provides various capacitation programmes for CBOs and partner NGOs.  Such programmes are based on our core competencies such as SHG management and governance, micro watershed management, participatory methodologies, organizational and financial management systems for NGOs and CBOs. To support capacity building initiatives, DPG has produced several newsletters both in English and Tamil, manuals, software and other training and communication aids.


Organic Farming 

In keeping with our objective of implementing Millennium Development Goals of Environmental Sustainability DPG has initiated the Organic Farming initiatives. Under this programme the following activities are taken up :


Orientation training on organic farming – Experienced resource persons are invited to provide training to farmers on the importance, concept and methods of organic farming. Participants are given knowledge on preparation of alternative pesticides and also learn how to construct and use vermi-compost pits, Azola pits, bio-digester pits, sowing of green manure stumps, importance of giving preference to local breeds of cows. Exposure visits to farms that are already practicing organic farming are also undertaken.


Farmers  ID cards– farmers are grouped into Farmers clubs and few are registered with NABARD. Farmers are helped to receive farmers ID cards (Uzhavar Attai) issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Thus far 5165 farmers have received their cards.


Conversion to Organic farming –2032 farmers have thus far converted partially to organic methods of farming and 100 farmers have undertaken soil test in their plots in our project area.


Building Linkages - farmers are linked to the departments of Agriculture and Horticulture of the respective State Governments so that they can access schemes and financial support earmarked for the farming community. This also enables them to access the subsidies like seeds, farm implements, hand sprayers, motors, bio-fertilizers, soil and water conservation inputs on subsidized rate etc., from the government department.



Sanitation and hygiene

In keeping with DPGs pursuance of the Millennium Development Goals, 15255  toilets have been constructed during the entire project period. DPG will ramp up its efforts in 2013 to help families access government funding for construction of toilets as well as will engage with them about sanitation and health issues through awareness programmes.


Girl Child School Enrollment 

Created awareness about the importance of education among families particularly that of the girls child as well as motivating children particularly girl children to attend school. We are happy to report that 99% enrolment has been achieved in our target areas.  


SDOP support to SHGs

Development promotion Group (DPG) in the year 2007 entered in to an agreement with the US based organization, Presbyterian Committee on Self Development of People (SDOP) to provide small grants to SHGs organized by our NGO Partners and those that were keen to set up their own enterprises. The financial support provided by SDOP is a direct grant to help women’s groups set up enterprises that not only helps their immediate families but also the community they serve through their families. 


  • Dairy Farming
  • Native Bee-Keeping
  • Pisciculture (fish farming)
  • Sericulture - Silk thread weaving
  • Charcoal production
  • Vermicompost Unit and Dairy Farm
  • Hollow Blocks
  • Cashew Nut Processing
  • Lace Embroidery
  • Milk Co-operative
  • Thatched Roof Making
  • Grocery Shop


Microfinance for Individuals and SHG Groups

Individuals and SHGs seeking loans for personal consumption as well as for setting up small scale business enterprises or expansion of their business are supported through this initiative. Number of loans given to individuals is 3 and the amount given is Rs 26,50,000 and for SHG groups is 8 ( covering 120 members) and the amount given is Rs 21,90,000. Loans were given for the following activities - bee-keeping, catering, fruit sales, petty shops, milch animals.


Enterprise Development

DPG has established a joint venture partnership using the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. It has set up a tailoring unit at Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu that offers training and employment to women from marginalized sections.