Completed Projects

DPG has worked with grassroots based NGOs and CBOs as well as directly implemented field projects. Over the past 25 years, since inception, DPG has supported empowerment and development of 2,79,808 families. Through our activities, we have enabled gender emancipation, livelihood enhancement, social mobilisation and capacitated our beneficiaries to attain a degree of economic independence. Our completed projects include : -


  • Provision of drinking water through bore wells in 50 drought prone villages in Nellai Kattabomman and VOC District of Tamil Nadu – CAPART
  • Publication of a Manual on “Financial Accounting Systems” – DPG
  • Planning / Monitoring / Impact Studies (10) for various donor partners – DPG
  • Constructed of 129 houses in three villages in Tamil Nadu with CAPART and constructed of 800 houses in Bellary District with the help of EED and local government
  • Planning support to 120 villages in Bellary District for establishing World Bank aided Integrated Rural Drinking Water Supply programme
  • AIDS Prevention and Control Project in 30 slums in Tirchy – Voluntary Health Services, Chennai in collaboration with USAID
  • Manur Area Development Programme in 10 villages – EZE
  • Watershed Development Programme covering 22490 hectares in three taluks of Bellary District for Sustainable Development of Renewable Natural Resources and on-land based economic activities for poor people in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka
  • Watershed projects in Gudibande, Chintamani and Hampasandra Taluks in Kolar District – Government of Karnataka & World Bank
  • Urban Development Initiatives (UDI) in Chennai in Tamil Nadu covering 1,500 families and forming of a people-based organization called Rose Malar Society for People’s Development (RMSPD).
  • Registration of a company by name “Micro Finance Development Initiatives of India” (MFDII) to give Micro Credits to SHGs / NGOs – RBS & Associates

ESP Scholarship Programme 

DPG entered into a partnership with Ecumenical Scholarship Programme ( ESP), Germany in January 2008 for supporting 200-400 youth from both urban and rural areas and hailing from DPGs target areas to receive assistance to acquire vocational skills from Government and other recognized educational institutions. In all, a total of 312 boys and girls (124 girls and 188 boys ) from across 14 districts of the three (3) states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have received scholarship assistance through this programme. Several of them have completed their course and are working in jobs while few have started their own small enterprises and are earning well.


Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

Following the Tsunami of December 2004, DPG with support from Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA), EED, American India Foundation, ACCU, Times Foundation, Christian Aid, etc., DPG extended relief and rehabilitation services to the devastated communities. DPG used its core competences in SHGs, IGPs, Housing, Skill training etc., in Nagapattinam and Tuticorin areas, Tamil Nadu. DPG was also requested by the government of Tamil Nadu to build houses in several affected locations. Under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, DPG constructed 822 houses in six (6) villages of Nagapattinam and Tuticorin districts for Tsunami victims. It also established 130 self-help groups for Tsunami victims and provided microfinance support to the tune of Rs. 8 million.,


Post Thane cyclone also, DPG extended a helping hand to the devastated families with the help of “A Way With You Trust” and reached out to 68 families in Kadapperikuppam village in Pondicherry. eight  families were helped to renovate their homes. 60 families were partially helped with supply of plastic sheets. 600 students of St. David Higher Secondary School were provided school uniforms and materials lost by them.